We'd love for you to join and be apart of our Family!

A trail fee of $20+tax will be applied monthly to members who own a cart not in a cart shed. Our 1/2 cart sheds are $40 per month and that includes the $20 trail fee.

$240 per month plus tax+$25 Food Minimum

Full Golf

Our Full Golf Membership comes with unlimited access to the entire Mount Pleasant Country Club facility, including all amenities. Become a member today and start taking full advantage of the opportunities.

$196 per month plus tax+$25 Food Minimum


For those of our golfer who are 65 years of age and up, we offer a discounted full golf rate much like our Full Golf Membership!

$196 per month plus tax+$25 Food Minimum


Our Singles membership is for those who are strictly by themselves, no children or spouse. Amenities are included in those who are singular people.

$160 per month plus tax+$25 Food Minimum


Our Junior Membership is for those who are up to 30 years of age. This includes access to everything at the club and our course! (Spouse and children may be included!)

$130 per month plus tax

50 Mile (Out of Town)

For those who have fallen in love with our course and what we offer, but you live out of town, this membership is perfect for you! We offer an out of town membership so that you can continue playing a course you love!

$115 per month plus tax+$50 Food Minimum


If you are not too much of a golfer we offer a membership that only includes our amenities! Such as the pool, our restaurant, tennis/basketball/pickleball court, and our bar!